Kasu Capital

Bridging A Large Opportunity

Kasu Capital provides investors access to the asset class of short term rentals. An investment that generates near-term cash flow and creates long term value.

Expand your real estate portfolio by investing in Short Term Rentals

Canadian Owned | US Operated

An open end short term rental fund with the purposes of acquiring and operating single family properties across the U.S. as vacation rentals


Annual ROI


Cash Flow

Reduced volatility and strong returns,

Kasu Capital

Ask Us How

Arrange a discussion with our Investor Relations team to determine if we align with your unique investment objectives.

We’re a Match

If a mutual fit is identified, we'll collaborate, guiding you through the details, granting access to our data room, and commencing your investment in the STR Market.

Activate Your Investment

From market identification to effective operations, leave it to us. Soon, your investment in STRs will generate cash flow and build equity

Repeat Success

Accumulate cash flow, expand your wealth, and, if you're willing, rinse and repeat until you reach your financial objectives

Why Choose Kasu Capital

STR Investment Strengths

No Interest Rate Risk

Short Timelines From Acquisition to Positive Cashflow

Margin Maintenance Through Dynamic Revenue Model

Low Overhead

Market Diversification

Kasu’s Advantage

Large Properties With Potential For Superior Amenities And Unique Features

Curate Listings For Superior SEO, Ensuring Top Search Rankings

Proprietary Underwriting, Home Automation, And Targeted Marketing

Dynamic Market-Specific Pricing Strategies To Maximize Revenue

Guest Experience is Central To Our Offering. 95% 5-Star Experiences.

Refined Selection Process

Thorough Due Diligence & Compliance To Guarantee Sustainable Operations

Leverage Software To Pinpoint High-Yield Submarkets

Micro-Analyze Key Revenue Drivers In Exterior & Interior Amenities

Detailed Competitive Analysis To Mitigate Risk

Over 1.1B

Web visits to STR platforms per month

95.5% Five Star statisfaction rate to date


Higher conversion rates than market average

Large Market

The US vacation rental industry’s total revenue was $13.3 Billion in 2021. It is expected to reach $20 Billion by 2025.

Revenue Growth

The average revenue per unit has grown at an average rate of 5.5% and is expected to continue beyond 2025.

High Demand

By 2025, 1 in 5 will choose vacation rentals over hotels. Airbnb & VRBO draw 123M+ monthly visits, with users favoring Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) for bookings.

What our clients are saying

The house and property were very clean and organized. We used this house for a business trip for our buying market at the World Trade Center. Very convenient and easy to get to places from there. We would book it again
Lynnette B.
The house was great for me and my 8 friends. The host was great. The house was nice and clean. Will rent again. Thank you

“We had a great stay at this charming house. Our favorite part was how accessible this house was to where we needed to be. Would highly recommend!”

Amy S.
Exceptional! Nice, open home. The host had snacks, wine and Games


Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be an American to invest?

No, we provide options to both sides of the Canadian & US Border

Is there any risk involved?

All investments, including ours, involve risk. While we aim to hedge and operate prudently, please invest responsibly

Why should I invest in a Private Short-Term Rental Portfolio?

The short-term rental market is fast growing. Short term rentals typically yield higher returns compared to traditional long-term rentals, or other real estate investments. The ability to charge premium rates for shorter stays can result in a more robust and immediate cash-flow.

How can I invest with Kasu Capital?

: Kasu Capital simplifies private short-term rental real estate investing. Our specialists guide you through the process, addressing all your questions. Schedule a time to chat with us!

Need more info?

Speak with one of our Investor Relations Team  Members to find out if Kasu Capital is a fit for you and how we might be able to fit in your portfolio

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